Checking Clinic


Walk-ons accepted – $45 per session

4/22- 6/10 (Every Monday for 8 weeks)


6:00-6:50pm: 2001-2006

Checking Clinic

Knowing how to control your body is essential to player development and the key to avoiding injury and danger while on the ice. Contact is present at every level in hockey and its important that players learn the right way to give and receive contact, with the puck and without the puck. The Checking Clinic provides feedback on the proper posture/ body control to give and receive checks effectively. We also focus in areas of puck protection, angling, stick positioning, board work, net front battles and compete level. These skills are what we call transferable skills. Each skill, no matter the level, will provide a positive outcome to make you a better player at any stage of your career.

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